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Comprehensive Personal Financial Strategizing

At Enrollment Management Services, we have helped hundreds of clients face the tough questions of managing personal finances.  The important questions that we can help you address include:

*Are my assets properly allocated, and am I managing my level or risk accordingly???

*Will I have enough to live on in my retirement, or could I possibly outlive my savings?  If so, what then???

What happens if I become seriously ill and require long term nursing home, or home health care services???

Do I have adequate insurance coverage to take care of my loved ones when I'm gone??  What will they live on??

Have I prepared for the potential estate tax burden to my beneficiaries??

How will I fund my child's, or grandchildren's ever increasing college education expenditures??

Our analysis includes a complete review of your situation to ensure that your strategy is fully comprehensive, and our annual check-ups ensures that it remains in sync with your life changes, risk toleration level, your needs, and goals as they change.

Call EMSI for your no cost financial review.      (732)583-EMS4