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Plan for Tomorrow

Live for today

Live for today

Let us help you plan for the future.

Comprehensive Business Programming

Enrollment Management Services, Inc.  Business Programming offers an extensive suite    of benefit  plans, and strategies to help our Business Clients:

* Develop Retirement Plan Strategies (401-k, SEP-IRA, Profit Sharing, Simple IRA)

*Reduce their tax liabilites, thus keeping more of your hard earned revenue.

*Protect their assets, the ability to earn an income, and how to guard that income in their absence.

*Provide executive level benefits.

From Executive Compensation Planning to Employee Health Benefit Plans, to Pension Planning,  401-k, IRA's (SEP, Simple, Roth,and Traditional), EMSI can help you derive value for you, your employees, and your business.

We don't stop there.  Our business continuation services, includes Key Person, Buy-Sell agreement funding via Life and Disabilty buy-out arrangements. This high level of Programming will help you protect the business that you have worked so hard to nuture and grow over many years.

Call (732) 583-EMS4 now for your no-cost, no obligation business                                   programming consultation.